Optometry Today July 2014: The Volk Eye Check

JULY 29 2014

Clinical optometrist Dr Simon Barnard and IRISS chief executive Yuval Yashiv speak to OT’s Ryan O’Hare about the road to developing the diagnostic tool for strabismus and beyond

Despite the likes of OCT and abberometers, some of the standard diagnostic tests used in optometry today have changed little over the years. The cover test, the Hirschberg and the millimetre ruler remain a valuable part of the optometrist’s diagnostic toolbox, but still require the artful interpretation of the practitioner.
Dr Simon Barnard and Yuval Yashiv are two of those looking to apply a little more science to the art. The pair are part of the team behind the Volk Eye Check, a new diagnostic device aimed at optometrists and ophthalmologists. The device is a camera and diagnostic tool which enables the practitioner to glean a wealth of diagnostic information about a patient, all from a single snapshot of their eyes. The detailed measurements of the pupil, iris and eyelids it provides could aid practitioners in the diagnosis of a host of conditions, from strabismus to ptosis and beyond. “Basically, it brings into the 21st century things that we, as optometrists and ophthalmologists, still do with a millimetre ruler,” explained Dr Barnard.
Download the PDF – OT July 2014 – Volk Eye Check