Optician Magazine: The Eye Check with Potential

March 27 2015

Bill Harvey revisits a hand-held device developed to screen the very young for neurological disease and finds it has evolved an expanded repertoire which hints at great future potential.

A couple of years ago, I caught up with Dr Simon Barnard who demonstrated to me a new hand-held instrument, the Volk Eye Check, which he had developed as an effective way of screening children, even the very young, for a variety of potential anomalies such as strabismus, anisocoria, partial ptosis and so on. I was impressed at the time by its ease of use, its portability (essentially the unit looks like a smartphone), its apparent sensitivity as confirmed by early work by Barnard, and the way the data was easily analysed and transferrable. At that time, the instrument developed by Barnard with IRISS Medical Technologies was not commercially available, but it was clear that a full blown launch was imminent.

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