VisionMonday: Volk Debuts Eye Check – a Handheld, Digital Ocular Measurement Device


VisionMonday Vmail Technology – August 13, 2015


Product: Eye Check

Top Line: Volk Eye Check is a mobile, handheld ocular imaging and screening device. It takes measurements of the eyes for use in the fitting of standard and specialty contact lenses as well as in aiding the diagnosis of strabismus, anisocoria, ptosis, and buphthalmos.

Close Up: Volk Eye Check fully automates the analysis and display of diagnostic eye measurements in real time. Volk Eye Check is intended to provide objective data to ophthalmic and optometric clinicians to enable smarter, faster decisions. Volk Eye Check can be seamlessly integrated into a clinician’s environment and work flow, bringing instant value as a simple method for quick, cost-effective ocular measurements.

Vital Stats: Eye Check’s greatest value is most readily apparent for fitting contact lenses (particularly hard-to-fit specialty contact lenses) or in screening general and pediatric patients within a practice, according to Volk. As such, Eye Check has two convenient software modes for use in ocular measurement:

Contact Lens (CL) Mode
Contact Lens (CL) Mode guides clinicians to the most appropriate first-choice contact lens via measurement of HVID, pupils, lids, and sagittal height, rather than clinician-preferred lens-to-fit. CL Mode reduces trial-and-error in fitting contact lenses by providing the accurate size of irises, pupils, lid position, and pupil eccentricity. It incorporates the Best-Fit-Analysis tool pack. The Best-Fit-Analysis will supplement the Contact Lens report that is emailed to the doctor after capturing images in a patient session. The Best-Fit-Analysis will provide ODs with a list of contact lens brands (and the exact lens sizes) that will fit the exact patient in question. This will prevent ODs from wasting time trialing contact lenses that will are likely not to fit the patient. This can greatly impact the drop-out rate of patients who attempt to wear contact lenses.
The Best-Fit-Analysis is expected to benefit ODs prescribing speciality lenses, hard lenses, and monthly lenses. ODs will even be able to provide Volk Optical with a list of contact lens brands that they prefer to prescribe and the resulting CL report with Best-Fit-Analysis will be custom-tailored to feature these specific lens brands. The Best-Fit-Analysis is expected to provide even greater value to the OD by saving valuable time (and trial and error) in the proper selection and fitting of standard and specialty contact lenses.

Eye Check (EC) Mode
The Eye Check (EC) mode enables detection and confirmation of strabismus, anisocoria and ptosis. It provides objective and repeatable measurements of key eye features such as pupil size, iris diameter, lid position, eye aperture, and strabismus angle. It also provides objective digital documentation of eye features and eye conditions; retention of electronic records and helpful for onward referrals.
The EC Mode reduces inter-clinician variability and standardizes testing and fitting across practices and between clinicians in multi-site environments such as optometry chains and healthcare groups. It complements and enhances standard examinations, such as the cover test; assessment of anisocoria, ptosis, buphthalmos. It is particularly helpful when clinician is unsure about strabismus, pupil size, lid position and can reduce potentially missed conditions.

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