SpecialEyes Algorithm Added to Volk Eye Check to Support Custom Contact Lens Design

SARASOTA, Fla., September 29, 2015 – Volk Eye Check Device Integrates SpecialEyes Arc Length Calculator to Deliver Enhanced Custom Contact Lens Report With Best-Fit Analysis

SpecialEyes, LLC is pleased to announce a new partnership with Volk Optical, which has integrated SpecialEyes’ Arc Length Calculator with the Volk Eye Check device. Powered by IRISS Medical Technologies, Volk Eye Check now incorporates SpecialEyes’ sagittal-depth fitting algorithm to assist eye-care practitioners in designing and fitting custom contact lenses.

Volk Eye Check’s contact lens (CL) mode allows practitioners to easily obtain key ocular measurements for each patient and upload them to a server, where the SpecialEyes Arc Length Calculator processes the data. The calculator’s fitting algorithm then identifies potential custom contact lens designs based on the patient’s unique measurements, including HVID, pupil size, and sagittal depth. Finally, the system generates a customized contact lens report and best-fit analysis with a list of custom lens options, including SpecialEyes 54 Sphere, 54 Toric, and 54 Multifocal contact lens designs.

As a result of the collaboration between SpecialEyes, Volk Optical and IRISS Medical, eye-care practitioners can now identify the best custom lens design in seconds, fit specialty contact lenses in fewer sessions, decrease revenue loss from contact lens dropouts, and improve patient satisfaction.

“We’re proud that Volk Optical has chosen to partner with SpecialEyes and integrate our Arc Length Calculator with the Volk Eye Check device. Together, our technologies will help eye-care practitioners attain better outcomes for their patients – including hard-to-fit individuals who have previously been unsuccessful with standard lens designs,” said Michelle Walsh, Director of Sales and Marketing at SpecialEyes.

For additional details on the Volk Eye Check device, see http://www2.volk.com/specialeyes.  To learn more about SpecialEyes’ custom sphere, toric, and multifocal contact lenses, visit http://www.specialeyesqc.com.

About Special Eyes:

Founded in Sarasota, Florida, in 2004, SpecialEyes is one of the nation’s premier manufacturers of custom soft contact lenses. The company established itself as an innovator in custom spherical and custom toric contact lenses, offering a wide parameter range and fine incremental adjustments unavailable in existing off-the-shelf lenses, and subsequently applied that expertise to develop custom bifocal and custom multifocal contact lenses. SpecialEyes is committed to maximizing the doctor-patient relationship by providing dynamic products of precise fit and acuity that deliver uncompromised vision and comfort.

About Volk Optical:

Volk Optical (www.volk.com) is an industry leader in aspheric ophthalmic lenses for the diagnosis and treatment of human eyes, and portable diagnostic imaging devices. Glass lens construction and the company’s patented double aspheric technology result in the highest resolution imaging with the best stereopsis for precision diagnostic, therapeutic, and surgical work. Volk’s portable, electronic, digital imaging devices are building the foundation for the future of ophthalmology, optometry, and general medicine. The company is based in Mentor, Ohio, USA and has representatives and distributors around the world.

About IRISS Medical Technologies:

IRISS Medical Technologies develops diagnostic-assistance devices in ophthalmics and eye data solutions, aimed at ophthalmologists and optometrists as well as pediatricians and family practice doctors. The patented IRISS technology powers Volk Eye Check – a simple-to-use handheld device that provides automatic real-time ocular measurements of key eye parameters, to assist in diagnosing various eye conditions as well as to assist in providing an optimal fit for contact lenses. Its unique Best Fit Analysis feature matches a patient’s eye parameters to specific contact lenses for optimal fitting


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