About Us

IRISS Medical Technologies is an independent, privately held medical device company specialising in ophthalmics. Based in London, England, IRISS Medical was founded by a team of technology specialists combining expertise in digital image analysis, mathematics and optometry. Based on a strong heritage in digital imaging technologies, the original IRISS technology was the world’s first commercially available technology for automatically correcting red eye in digital photographs and was successfully licensed to some of the world’s premier digital camera brands.

The company’s first medical product is a technology aimed at automatic detection of strabismus and other eye conditions relating to pupils, irises and other features of the cornea, as well as providing eye measurements that assist to better-fit contact lenses. These measurements are also invaluable in oculoplastic examinations. This technology is being used within a simple-to-use, handheld diagnostic device.

The technology enables Cloud-based aggregation of clinical data and the use of it for the establishment of normative data and statistics on features such as: pupils, irises, apertures, lid position, eccentricities and others.

The IRISS technology is aimed at eye care specialists, such as ophthalmologists and optometrists as well as general practitioners, paediatricians, family doctors and child well-being clinics.

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