MicroSurgical Technology, a Halma company, Announces the Acquisition of IRISS Medical Technologies Limited

March 26, 2020 – MicroSurgical Technology (MST), based in Washington State has acquired the IP and assets of IRISS Medical Technologies Limited, a United Kingdom private limited company, related to the Volk Eye Check product and additional technology and intellectual property.  The Volk Eye Check is a handheld ocular measurement device. It measures and analyzes parameters used to screen and document ocular characteristics such as pupil diameter, horizontal visible iris diameter, interpupillary distance, pupil eccentricity, and strabismus angle, for contact lens fitting, eyelid surgery and general diagnostic purposes.  This acquisition adds a diagnostic capability to accelerate MST’s digital product development roadmap.

“MST is excited to add the IRISS  technology to our portfolio as its support for objective surgical guidance and digital diagnostics fits perfectly within MST’s digital ophthalmology platform” adds Mike Waters, MicroSurgical Technology’s Vice President of Innovation & Technology.


“Having worked with the Halma Group for many years, we are delighted that MST is making this acquisition and are excited by the potential it provides to MST’s digital diagnostics portfolio and its future development” said Yuval Yashiv, Chief Executive of IRISS Medical Technologies


MST is a premium manufacturer of high-quality, surgeon-designed innovative ophthalmic products. The MST mission is driven by the philosophy of; Right to Sight: making advanced eye health accessible to everyone, everywhere.

Acquired by Halma in December 2012, MST has a robust history of growth through offering unique, differentiated products that enable surgeons to provide the best clinical outcomes for their patients.  MST is excited to add the IRISS technology to its product portfolio and to expand its technological capabilities.

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