MicroSurgical Technology, a Halma company, Announces the Acquisition of IRISS Medical Technologies Limited

March 26, 2020 – MicroSurgical Technology (MST), based in Washington State has acquired the IP and assets of IRISS Medical Technologies Limited, a United Kingdom private limited company, related to the Volk Eye Check product and additional technology and intellectual property.  The Volk Eye Check is a handheld ocular measurement device. It measures and analyzes parameters used to screen and document ocular characteristics such as pupil diameter, horizontal visible iris diameter, interpupillary distance, pupil eccentricity, and strabismus angle, for contact lens fitting, eyelid surgery and general diagnostic purposes.  This acquisition adds a diagnostic capability to accelerate MST’s digital product development roadmap.

“MST is excited to add the IRISS  technology to our portfolio as its support for objective surgical guidance and digital diagnostics fits perfectly within MST’s digital ophthalmology platform” adds Mike Waters, MicroSurgical Technology’s Vice President of Innovation & Technology.


“Having worked with the Halma Group for many years, we are delighted that MST is making this acquisition and are excited by the potential it provides to MST’s digital diagnostics portfolio and its future development” said Yuval Yashiv, Chief Executive of IRISS Medical Technologies


MST is a premium manufacturer of high-quality, surgeon-designed innovative ophthalmic products. The MST mission is driven by the philosophy of; Right to Sight: making advanced eye health accessible to everyone, everywhere.

Acquired by Halma in December 2012, MST has a robust history of growth through offering unique, differentiated products that enable surgeons to provide the best clinical outcomes for their patients.  MST is excited to add the IRISS technology to its product portfolio and to expand its technological capabilities.

Bausch + Lomb Specialty Vision Products Lens Designs Added to Volk Eye Check


Eye Check Best Fit Analysis for B+L


Mentor, Ohio (October 6, 2016) – Volk Optical announces today that is has integrated Bausch + Lomb Specialty Vision Products Lens Designs Added to Volk Eye Check
Fitting of Bausch + Lomb- Specialty Vision Products custom specialty lenses supported with precise, personal measurements

Bausch + Lomb Specialty Vision Products custom specialty lens designs into the Best Fit Analysis Report of its Volk Eye Check portable ophthalmic exam tool. Capable of a number of key measurements, the Volk Eye Check’s CL Mode captures and fully automates the analysis and display of ocular characteristics for contact lens fitting, saving time and increasing first time fit rates.

Volk Eye Check’s CL Mode provides precise measurements to aid in contact lens fitting including Horizontal Visible Iris Diameter (HVID), Pupil diameter and Sagittal depth. The Best Fit Analysis feature generates a patient-specific report recommending the most appropriate lenses by brand and type. Now included in the Eye Check Best Fit Analysis module are fitting rules for Bausch + Lomb Specialty Vision Products™, HP Toric and Sphere, ASTERA® Multifocal Toric, NovaKone® and C-Vue™ Toric, Sphere, and Multifocal design contact lenses.

All current Volk Eye Check users will automatically have access to the Bausch + Lomb Specialty Vision Products designs.

“The addition of the Bausch + Lomb range of lenses to Volk Eye Check will enable Bausch + Lomb customers to get to the correct fit faster and more accurately, saving them chair-time and enhancing patient experience,” said Yuval Yashiv, Chief Executive of IRISS Medical Technologies, Volk’s technology partner for the Volk Eye Check.

For more information on the Volk Eye Check’s Best Fit Analysis Report, and to request a free trial, visit www.volk.com or phone Volk at 1-800-345-8655.


A full resolution image file can be downloaded from:  http://halmapr.com/volk/EyeCheckBestFitBL.jpg

View Volk’s News Archive: www.volk.com/index.php/news/ or http://halmapr.com/news/volk/

Company Profile Volk:
Volk Optical (www.volk.com) is a recognized industry leader in ophthalmic imaging offering the finest aspheric optics, portable ocular diagnostic imaging platforms, and unique surgical solutions. Dr. David Volk pioneered the design of ophthalmic lenses in the 1960’s and is best known for his revolutionary glass lens design and construction, which includes the patented double aspheric lens technology. Volk ophthalmic lenses are recognized worldwide as having the highest resolution and widest field imaging with the best stereopsis for precision diagnostic, therapeutic, and surgical work. Volk’s portable, electronic, diagnostic imaging devices are building the foundation for the future of ophthalmology, optometry, and general medicine. The company is based in Mentor, Ohio, USA and has representatives and distributors around the world. Volk Optical is a subsidiary of Halma plc of Amersham, United Kingdom (LON: HLMA, Halma).

Company Profile IRISS:
IRISS Medical Technologies (www.irissmedical.com) is an independent private company that develops diagnostic-assistance devices in ophthalmics and eye data analytics, aimed at ophthalmologists and optometrists as well as pediatricians and family practice doctors. Its patented IRISS technology powers the Volk Eye Check ocular measurements device.


Oculoplastics Module Added to Volk’s Eye Check Handheld Ocular Measurement Device

Mentor, Ohio (February 9, 2016) – Document MRD, aperture and pupil measurements for records and insurance reimbursement

Volk Optical has added a new Oculoplastics Mode to its Volk Eye Check portable ophthalmic exam tool. With this mode, the handheld Volk Eye Check provides fast, objective and accurate pre- and post-op measurements for clinical and cosmetic lid surgeries. The Volk Eye Check is simple to operate with automatic report generation for documentation.


Volk Eye Check’s Oculoplastics Mode analyzes 26 datapoints in under one minute, providing precise binocular capture of measurements including:

  • MRD1 and MRD2, plus two additional points on each lid
  • Palpebral Aperture and aperture at limbus
  • Pupil diameter and iris diameter
  • Pupil eccentricity

In addition, a grid scale provides a convenient way to measure and compare landmarks such as brow position, and Margin Crease Distance. Objective documentation of these characteristics is useful for insurance reimbursement, as well as providing “Before and After” evidence for patients and clinicians.

The Volk Eye Check’s touch-screen interface is easily navigated for use by a technician, nurse or doctor. Its real-time, accurate and objective results eliminate inter-clinician variability to enable quick decision making. The single-page Oculoplastics patient report includes side by side comparison diagram, and list of measurement values. The PDF report can be exported over wifi to be appended to electronic medical records and submitted for insurance approval.

In addition to the Oculoplastics Mode, the Volk Eye Check fully automates the analysis of ocular characteristics for general diagnosis in “Eye Check (EC)” Mode and for contact lens selection and fitting in “Contact Lens (CL)” Mode. The unit comes with a one year warranty and ongoing software upgrade support.

The Oculoplastics Mode is included on all newly purchased Volk Eye Check devices. To upgrade a previously purchased Volk Eye Check, contact a Volk representative. Volk is currently offering a 30-day money-back guarantee of Volk Eye Check with Oculoplastics Mode, complete with training and ongoing support.

For more information about Volk Eye Check’s Oculoplastics Mode visit www.volk.com, phone Volk direct at +1 440-942-6161, or contact your Authorized Volk Distributor.

SpecialEyes Algorithm Added to Volk Eye Check to Support Custom Contact Lens Design

SARASOTA, Fla., September 29, 2015 – Volk Eye Check Device Integrates SpecialEyes Arc Length Calculator to Deliver Enhanced Custom Contact Lens Report With Best-Fit Analysis

SpecialEyes, LLC is pleased to announce a new partnership with Volk Optical, which has integrated SpecialEyes’ Arc Length Calculator with the Volk Eye Check device. Powered by IRISS Medical Technologies, Volk Eye Check now incorporates SpecialEyes’ sagittal-depth fitting algorithm to assist eye-care practitioners in designing and fitting custom contact lenses.

Volk Eye Check’s contact lens (CL) mode allows practitioners to easily obtain key ocular measurements for each patient and upload them to a server, where the SpecialEyes Arc Length Calculator processes the data. The calculator’s fitting algorithm then identifies potential custom contact lens designs based on the patient’s unique measurements, including HVID, pupil size, and sagittal depth. Finally, the system generates a customized contact lens report and best-fit analysis with a list of custom lens options, including SpecialEyes 54 Sphere, 54 Toric, and 54 Multifocal contact lens designs.

As a result of the collaboration between SpecialEyes, Volk Optical and IRISS Medical, eye-care practitioners can now identify the best custom lens design in seconds, fit specialty contact lenses in fewer sessions, decrease revenue loss from contact lens dropouts, and improve patient satisfaction.

“We’re proud that Volk Optical has chosen to partner with SpecialEyes and integrate our Arc Length Calculator with the Volk Eye Check device. Together, our technologies will help eye-care practitioners attain better outcomes for their patients – including hard-to-fit individuals who have previously been unsuccessful with standard lens designs,” said Michelle Walsh, Director of Sales and Marketing at SpecialEyes.

For additional details on the Volk Eye Check device, see http://www2.volk.com/specialeyes.  To learn more about SpecialEyes’ custom sphere, toric, and multifocal contact lenses, visit http://www.specialeyesqc.com.

About Special Eyes:

Founded in Sarasota, Florida, in 2004, SpecialEyes is one of the nation’s premier manufacturers of custom soft contact lenses. The company established itself as an innovator in custom spherical and custom toric contact lenses, offering a wide parameter range and fine incremental adjustments unavailable in existing off-the-shelf lenses, and subsequently applied that expertise to develop custom bifocal and custom multifocal contact lenses. SpecialEyes is committed to maximizing the doctor-patient relationship by providing dynamic products of precise fit and acuity that deliver uncompromised vision and comfort.

About Volk Optical:

Volk Optical (www.volk.com) is an industry leader in aspheric ophthalmic lenses for the diagnosis and treatment of human eyes, and portable diagnostic imaging devices. Glass lens construction and the company’s patented double aspheric technology result in the highest resolution imaging with the best stereopsis for precision diagnostic, therapeutic, and surgical work. Volk’s portable, electronic, digital imaging devices are building the foundation for the future of ophthalmology, optometry, and general medicine. The company is based in Mentor, Ohio, USA and has representatives and distributors around the world.

About IRISS Medical Technologies:

IRISS Medical Technologies develops diagnostic-assistance devices in ophthalmics and eye data solutions, aimed at ophthalmologists and optometrists as well as pediatricians and family practice doctors. The patented IRISS technology powers Volk Eye Check – a simple-to-use handheld device that provides automatic real-time ocular measurements of key eye parameters, to assist in diagnosing various eye conditions as well as to assist in providing an optimal fit for contact lenses. Its unique Best Fit Analysis feature matches a patient’s eye parameters to specific contact lenses for optimal fitting


Media Inquiries:

Lindsay McCorkle

SpecialEyes, LLC




New Contact Lens Module Reduces Drop Outs and Improves First Time Fit

Las Vegas, NV, January 22, 2015 – Volk Optical announces the launch of Volk Eye Check for the contact lens market. An addition to the current Volk Eye Check device, which provides ocular measurements and aids in the diagnosis of ophthalmic abnormalities such as strabismus, The Volk Eye Check Contact Lens module is a new software application focused on assisting the contact lens practitioner to achieve a quicker fitting process and to reduce drop-out rates. By automatically providing objective and accurate measurements of key eye parameters such as iris diameter, pupil size and lid position, Volk Eye Check’s Contact Lens module will assist practitioners in quickly identifying patients that may require non-standard optics in their lenses, and also to assist in the quick and smooth fitting of progressive, RGP, and scleral lenses.

“We believe that this new and unique device will add value to the contact lens practitioner and manufacturer by saving time and money, reducing trial and error, and ultimately achieving lower drop-out rates.” said Pete Mastores, President of Volk Optical.

“Volk Eye Check’s Contact Lens Module provides fast, accurate and objective measurements within a small, mobile and cost-effective device. We believe that the device may revolutionise the way contact lenses are designed and fitted and open up opportunities for better fittings and greater patient satisfaction” said Yuval Yashiv, Chief Executive of IRISS Medical Technologies, Volk’s technology partner for the device.

This new addition to Volk Eye Check was launched at the annual Global Specialty Lens Symposium in Las Vegas, Nevada.