“The Volk Eye Check is easy to use”

May 2015

The Volk Eye Check is easy to use and very well-liked by children, adding to their positive experience of the eye test. And, importantly, it provides very important information for the optometrist.

Martin Skehan BSc (Hons), MCOptom

“This innovative digital device …”

July 2015

We are delighted to now have the Volk Eye Check in our city-based eye clinic. This innovative digital device is an excellent and useful addition to our ‘state-of-the-art’ laser diagnostic equipment. It will be invaluable in our specialist paediatric clinic, specialty contact lens fittings, bespoke contact lens designs and for eye screening during the pre-exam consultations. We are excited to know that the regular updates we will receive along the way with the software will provide further advancements to this cleverly designed digital kit.

Many thanks to Simon Barnard and his team.

Belinda Babumba BSc (Hons), MBCO
Consultant Paediatric and Behavioural Optometrist
City Eyes Optometry & Ophthalmology Clinic

“An excellent tool in helping to detect squint”

July 2015

In my community based practice, the Volk Eye Check is now used with all our pre-school and primary school children. It is proving to be an excellent tool in helping to detect squint or confirm normality.

If used as part of an infant screening program, I have no doubt that squint detection rates would improve and children benefit from early treatment.

Stephen Cuddy BSc, MCOptom, DipTp(IP)

“The most accurate findings I have ever documented”

November 2015

I practice in South Africa, and when I attended the ICBO Conference in Birmingham UK 2014, I found the lecture on the Volk Eye Check extremely interesting. I purchased a unit and the results I have accumulated so far have been the most accurate findings I have ever documented. This is a MUST for ALL practitioners, the results are immediate, I can’t wait for the Contact Lens module to arrive.

This has led to me purchasing two more units, which should arrive in the next few days.

Well done to the entire Volk Eye Check team.

Michele Hlava SRN(Rhod) SRM(SA) Dip Optom FOA (SA) OEP National Co-Ordinator (SA) COVD, NORA, ACBO.
Somerset West
Western Cape
South Africa