Clinical Mode – EC

Eye Check in use

Aimed primarily at eye specialists such as ophthalmologists and optometrists, Volk Eye Check provides unique benefits, which no other device today can offer –


  • Fast and easy to read diagnostic tool for eye specialists; identifies areas for investigation and provides objective electronic record of the readings
  • Assists the clinician in identifying best-fit contact lenses; reduces drop-out rates and saves chair-time and money
  • Oculoplastics: accurate measurement of lid position for lid and cosmetic surgery – saves time and provides an objectives record
  • Screening tool for GPs, health visitors and other non-specialists.
  • Objective EMR of eye features and eye conditions for compliance, referrals and litigation
  • Suitable for babies and young children – even at 6 months old
  • Monitoring of treatment progress (pre-op/post-op)
  • Reduces inter-clinician variability – standardise testing across practices and clinicians in optometry chains

Example report from a Clinical Mode session:

Microsoft Word - Patient report examples .docx


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