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Many contact lens patients require non-standard lenses for a comfortable fit. They may be part of the category of 27% of patients whose cornea falls outside the standard parameters; they may require non-standard optics such as multifocal lenses or they may have astigmatism. The overall result is that drop-out rates among contact lens wearers range between 16%-30%. This means many unhappy patients, as well as lost revenue for practitioners and manufacturers. It also means wasted chair-time for clinicians.

Volk Eye Check’s Contact Lens mode is a breakthrough device that automatically provides key eye measurements which are essential in improving the fit of contact lenses, therefore reducing drop-out rates and optimising chair-time. The latest view among top Thought Leaders is that iris diameter, pupil size, lid position and line of sight are key drivers in the success or failure of contact lenses. Volk Eye Check automatically provides, in real-time, the following measurements:

  • Pupil size
  • Iris diameter (HVID as well as diagonal and vertical iris diameters)
  • Upper and lower lid position
  • Sagittal height
  • Pupil eccentricity

After accurately measuring the eye parameters of each patient, Volk Eye Check provides a Best Fit Analysis report, by matching the patient’s parameters to a short-list of suitable lenses. Best Fit Analysis also provides Notes and Guidance automatically, based on the patient’s specific parameters. The aim is to assist the clinician to get to the optimal lens in the shortest amount of time.


Example Patient Report from a Contact Lens session with Best Fit Analysis:

Microsoft Word - Patient report examples .docx



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