Data Analytics

iPad Displaying Eye Check StatisticsThe IRISS device captures in real-time crucial data relating to the eyes: pupil sizes, cornea diameter, palpebral aperture and so on. This data is aggregated on a Cloud-based platform where normative values are established. This in turn shows the clinician, in real time, a range of values for every eye-feature and assists them in making clinical decisions with regard to potential underlying conditions such as anisocoria, ptosis, buphthalmos and others. IRISS Medical holds a database of thousands of patients which enables it to apply statistical analysis to the data to produce these normative values.

Informatics graphic v2

For example, the chart below maps nasal/temporal and vertical eccentricity in the right pupil of a random sample of 203 patients.

CL eccentiricity illustration

Distribution of pupil eccentricity – based on real data from Volk Eye Check

  • Pupils not necessarily positioned in the centre of the cornea.
  • If contact lenses areĀ optimised for shaded area, how good is the vision of patients B & C?
  • Potential implications for design and fitting of aspheric and/or multifocal contact lenses.
  • What does this distribution look like across different demographics: ethnicity, age, gender, etc?