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Sales Sheet (English)

IRISS mediGrid Quick Start Guide (English)

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Paper Copy of mediGrid IFU (English)

Users of IRISS mediGrid can request a free printed copy of the Instructions For Use (IFU) document. Just click on the link below, add your delivery details to the email that will be created for you and click send. You should receive the printed copy within 7 working days of receipt of your request.

Click here to request a printed IFU

Alternatively, you can post your details to this address.






Recommended Action

I don’t get a grid In some circumstances, particularly when close to the subject, the iPhone flash can be too strong and can ‘wash out’ the image. If you consistently get no grid try disabling the flash before taking the picture. Also, please ensure that:

  • The sticker is genuine and is straight.
  • The iPhone is being held in landscape position (horizontally) between 20cm and 60cm away from the subject.
  • There is enough ambient light for the iPhone to focus correctly.
How do I get more stickers? If you are a subscriber and have, or are about to, run out of stickers, please email IRISS medical at

If you are not a subscriber, you can purchase stickers here.

The picture quality is not very good. When taking pictures, check that:

  • The lens is clean.
  • Hold the device firmly in landscape orientation.
  • Frame the subject with the sticker clearly visible and not obstructed.
  • If very close, try without the flash
  • Don’t jerk the device when taking the shot
I can’t open the encypted mediGrid report  Many patient data protection directives around the world require the use of AES-256 encryption to ensure patient details are secure. Unfortunately, regular installations of operating systems such as Windows, Mac OS-X, iOS and Android cannot decode this level of encryption. This means that a third-party application is required to decrypt the mediGrid reports and extract the content. If your system or IT department does not already have a compatible tool, one of the following free apps may be used:

  • Windows: 7-zip v15.14 or later (
  • Mac OS-X: iZip by ComcSoft (Search “iZip” in Mac app store)
  • Apple iOS: iZip by ComcSoft (Search “iZip” in app store)
I’m not getting emailed reports or they’re going to the wrong address mediGrid requires an internet connection and a valid email address in order to send the session reports. Internet connection can be checked using the regular iOS utilities. The email address used by default will be the one entered during your initial registration. To check or change the email address to which reports are sent, carry out the following steps:

  • Open Settings
  • Scroll down to the list of installed apps and choose “mediGrid”
  • Update the “Report Email Address” as required
  • Exit back to the Settings main screen
Are my pictures secure? If encryption is enabled – done by entering a key in the relevant setting – then the received email reports and attached images will be enclosed in a secure zip file using AES-256 encryption. If encryption is not enabled then the emails and their attachments will be in clear text.
The report images won’t attach to my Patient Record System  The images attached to your reports can be JPG or PDF. Choose the format which works for your system. To change the report format, carry out the following steps:

  • Open Settings
  • Scroll down to the list of installed apps and choose “mediGrid”
  • Touch “Report Type”
  • Choose “jpg” or “pdf” as required
  • Exit back to the Settings main screen
I want to cancel my subscription Your mediGrid subscription is administered entirely by Apple. IRISS Medical Technologies has no control over the subscription process.  Click here to see details about how to administer your subscription.
How do I get my free trial? In order to take advantage of the 1-month free-trial period, you will need to subscribe as normal. However, you will not be charged until the free-trial period has expired. If, after trialling the app, you do not wish to proceed with the subscription, you must cancel it no less than 24 hours before the trial period ends.
Where can I see Terms of Use and Privacy Policy documents? You can view them here :-