Volk Eye Check

Powered by IRISS, Volk Eye Check is a first-of-its-kind diagnostic assistance and ocular measurement device which automatically measures and objectively records 7 different eye features such as pupils, irises, eye apertures and lid position. It also automatically detects and measures strabismus angle and aids in the diagnosis of conditions such as anisocoria, ptosis and buphthalmos.

From ruler to automatic v2

Volk Eye Check is also an invaluable tool in the assessment and fitting of contact lenses as it accurately and objectively measures eye parameters which are key to good fitting of certain types of lenses. These parameters include: HVID, pupil size, Sagittal height, and pupil eccentricity. In the field of oculoplastics, Volk Eye Check is the only device that can accurately measure and record eye aperture and lid position.

Volk Eye Check is small, handheld and portable.

Clinical Mode – EC

Contact Lens Mode – CL

Support and Troubleshooting

Volk Eye Check – A new concept in Eye Data acquisition

Automated documentation of acquired Horner’s syndrome